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Deltoid Muscle Gray

deltoid muscle gray's anatomy book


Deltoid Muscle Gray's Anatomy Book Download




















































The fibers converge to a tendon, which glides over the lateral border of the spine of the scapula, and, passing across the posterior part of the capsule of the shoulder-joint, is inserted into the middle impression on the greater tubercle of the humerus. Radial nerve All muscles in posterior compartments of arm & forearm Ulnar Nerve 1- Most intrinsic muscles of hand. Sign in Don't have an account? Sign Up Set the Language Close We weren't able to detect the audio language on your flashcards. From this extensive origin the fibers converge toward their insertion, the mark twain audio book free download passing vertically, the anterior obliquely backward and lateralward, the posterior obliquely forward and lateralward; they unite in a thick tendon, which is inserted into the deltoid prominence on the middle of the lateral side of the body of the humerus. Its greatest diameter is, from the top of the intertubercular groove in a direction downward, medialward, and backward. The lower end of the humerus is ossified as follows.


The lines of attachment of the articular capsules are in blue. Reference > Anatomy of the Human Body > II. 2006 Subjects: anatomy limb upper Click to Rate "Hated It" Click to Rate "Didn't Like It" Click to Rate "Liked It" Click to Rate "Really Liked It" Click to Rate "Loved It" 4.5 1 Favorite Add to folder[?] Introducing Cram Folders! Find out how you can intelligently organize your Flashcards. Continuation into the Trapezius; fusion with the Pectoralis major; additional slips from the vertebral border of the scapula, infraspinous free business ebook download sites and axillary border of scapula not uncommon. Eliot, T.S. (See enlarged image) FIG. MENU World Logistic 8 Stock Vector Om bloggen Walter Tevis Mockingbird Epub Download Mechanics Of Materials Popov Ebook Free Download Livro Gravidez Natural Lisa Olson Pdf Download Download Golok Pembunuh Naga Pdf Aa Big Book Spanish Pdf Download Enem 2012 Prova Pdf Download F940got Swd C# Pdf Download Free Sumatra Pdf Download Softonic App Panchathanthiram Movie For Batman Terra Di Nessuno FANTA DREAM SUPER IDOL Vol.15 DeMikas-HetBesteVan.rar Walter Tevis Mockingbird Epub Download Walter Tevis Mockingbird Epub Download >>> Walter Tevis Mockingbird Epub Download, not you it s me epub download 77e3b7fffc love comes silently andrew grey epub download honda cbr 900 fire blade 1998 download service exam reviewer download ebook gratuit architects pocket book 4th edition download bob ong ebook free download epub enterprise information management with sap ebook download dansul dragonilor epub download forum release me callahan series epub download complete reference javascript ebook free dirty wars the world is a battlefield ebook download general chemistry linus pauling epub download beneath the neon free epub download audio book free download scjp book for java 8 free download foundation audio book unabridged download music deltoid muscle grays anatomy book download stallard s eye surgery ebook download old man s war epub download free perfect health diet jaminet ebook download download c programming ebook pdf olivia the pig book download and microcontroller ebook free download divergent book 1 epub download jim butcher storm front epub download mac suzuki book 2 violin free download download ebook sobotta edisi 23 minutes elmasri navathe dbms ebook download an american tragedy download ebook reader gas turbine power plant pdf ebook download unwholly free epub download best cambridge ielts 6 full book free download value at risk book free download wallbanger alice epub download site advanced engineering mathematics ebook free download planetwide games comic book creator 1.2 download google limit frank schatzing ebook ita download diablo the order nate kenyon epub download spegni il fuoco della rabbia ebook download free download eclipse book stephenie meyer download c programming language book free Share on Facebook.Share on Twitter.Share on Google Pin It! Blog stream Premium blogs For annoncrer Om os Kontakt os Opret blog DENNE SIDE KAN INDEHOLDE AFFILIATE LINKS . 411) is a large triangular muscle which fills the subscapular fossa, and arises from its medial two-thirds and from the lower two-thirds of the groove on the axillary border of the bone.


About the sixteenth or seventeenth year, the lateral epicondyle and both portions of the articulating surface, having already joined, unite with the body, and at the eighteenth year the medial epicondyle becomes joined to it.17 FIG. .. Sassoon, S. Ossification begins in the medial epicondyle about the fifth year, and in the lateral about the thirteenth or fourteenth year. The fibers pass lateralward, and, gradually converging, end in a tendon which is inserted into the lesser tubercle of the humerus and the front of the capsule of the shoulder-joint. Lawrence, D.H. It is curved downward and forward, and its pointed end is connected to the medial border, just above the medial epicondyle, by a fibrous band, which gives origin to a portion of the Pronator teres; through the arch completed by this fibrous band the median nerve and brachial artery pass, when these structures deviate from their usual course. 412) is a thick triangular muscle, which occupies the chief part of the infraspinatous fossa; it arises by fleshy fibers from its medial two-thirds, and by tendinous fibers from the ridges on its surface; it also arises from the infraspinatous fascia which covers it, and separates it from the Teretes major and minor. 6a.


Subscapularis. The articular surface extends a little lower than the epicondyles, and is curved slightly forward; its medial extremity occupies a lower level than the lateral. What are the four ligaments which support the sternoclavicular joint 1- anterior sternoclavicular ligament. The muscular fibers converge to a tendon, which crosses the upper part of the shoulder-joint, and is inserted into the highest of the three impressions on the greater tubercle of the humerus; the tendon is intimately adherent to the capsule of the shoulder-joint.12 Infraspinatous Fascia (fascia infraspinata).The infraspinatous fascia is a dense fibrous membrane, covering the Infraspinatous muscle and fixed to the circum ference of the infraspinatous fossa; it affords attachment, by its deep surface, to some fibers of that muscle. It runs obliquely downward, and ends near the junction of the upper with the middle third of the bone. 3- Rhomboid Minor.


This arch is the homologue of the supracondyloid foramen found in many animals, and probably serves in them to protect the nerve and artery from compression during the contraction of the muscles in this region.[back]. Stein, G. x Sg p bloggen . A well-marked groove is usually found behind the process, in which the nerve and artery are lodged. Area for C8 The pad of the little mechanical engineering design book free download Area for T1 skin on the medial aspect of the elbow japanese clay craft book download of the arm at the glenohumeral cavity is mainly controlled by C5 Flexion of the forearm at the elbow joint is controlled primarily by C6 Extension of the arm at the elbow joint is controlled mainly by C7 Flexion of the fingers is controlled mainly by C8 abduction and adduction of the index, ring and middle fingers is controlled dominantly by T1 A tap on the tendon of biceps in the cubital fossa tests for C6 A tap on the tendon of the triceps posterior to the elbow tests mainly for C7 All muscles of the anterior compartment of arm are innervated by musculocutaneous nerve Most of the muscles of the anterior compartment of the forearm are innervated by Median market leader 3rd edition upper intermediate teacher book download Median nerve innervates all muscles of the forearm except 1- Flexor carpi ulnaris. 2- Medial. The art of war pdf ebook download epicondyle is a small, tuberculated eminence, curved a little forward, and giving attachment to the radial collateral ligament of the elbow-joint, and to a tendon common to the origin of the Supinator and some of the Extensor muscles. above the medial epicondyle. (See enlarged image) . bdc58c9f15